Wednesday, June 04, 2008

my weird psychology

Vodofone guy had come over to do my address verification.
Guy: Are you Miss or Mrs
Me: Mrs
Guy: But your husband surname is kumar
Me: I have not changed the surname
Guy: What is your occupation
Me: hmm Student
Guy: How can you be married and student
Me: Why can I not be both married and student


Guy: Shall I write housewife?
Me: No write student

Yesterday I gave a woman 50 rupees. Saurabh thinks she fooled me but she had asked me immediately after i had bought a chocolate pastry worth 40 rupees. It just didn't seem fair to have those 50 rupees on my side and that (allegedly hungry) kid on her side. I just gave her benefit of doubt.

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Ankur Gupta said...

Money won't help those people, that would just ensure they are beggars forever, give them motivation to succeed, help them educate, guide them to opportunities for work.
You could have used the same Rs. 50 in a different way for a greater good.
But well, that is my weird psychology. :)