Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The pleasure of having an unusal name

After a long sabbatical, writing a blog, converting it into daily diary, making it hidden for privacy, deleting it in knowing the futility of having the concept of "private blog" , writing diary (yup real book with papers), to being completely inert - today is the day when I have decided to restart my blog.

What pleased me is the fact that I got the url free and available. I have always heard people say things like:
"You spell your first name wrong"
"You are the only kadav I have seen in my lifetime"
"Our kids will have kadav surname coz they are anyways endangered species"
"A-r-a-t-i is not the right spelling"

Well all those remarks not-with-standing I get to have this name free whenever I want!


Anonymous said...

Its correct you are writing your thoughts But don't mention things btw you and your boy freind and other sensitive issues. Keep it a strictly private affair.

arati kadav said...

hey.. thanks for the advice..yeah I will not share things that are private ...

Anonymous said...

Arati, Tu Kavita pan kartes ka?
tu lihilela vachun Parat akda mala vatl ki - "A beautiful girl with beautful thoughts".