Thursday, March 29, 2007

its a small world afterall...

You start from a small family may be a small village - same set of people you run into - the milkman, the dhobi, the auto wallah, the grocery store guy, the same vegetable vendor, same friends of your parents, same friends in the school, same kids in the colony ...the same 2 km radius that contains your life ...that small world ...
and then you push your horizon - so far that you cant see it ...and you travel and meet people - new people - different people - you try out new things - you learn - you explore ... the world feels big - expanded ...
and then thousands of miles away from where you started - you set up a life for yourself - your friends, your office , your gym, your work, your mayuri chai, kahili's coffee, your routine, the 2 km radius ...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ah ...

and the satisfaction that a small piece of code gives ....who are the folks who do not include software engg in the category of creative fields...

The "k" dilemma

Hmm of my classmates had a beautiful daughter and she named her "kshirin"... reminds me of the big time numerology or "k" fad going on in India with movie and tv soap names starting from "k". apparently it is the lucky charm.
Also while writing this post - I am reminded of some forgotten grain of rice that is stuck beneath my key "k" in th keyboard which is making me press press the key "k" extra hard. Don't know if the absence of "k" is a bad luck charm but one of my recent mails did read - " I am looing into it"

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Forced loyalty

Someone said today - all loyalties are forced loyalties.

Are they?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Planning India trip

Me with my bro on email:
Me: What - I am going to Bangalore only for a day!!!!
My bro: 2 days! stop irritating me
Me: Why not a later flight on Sunday !!!
My bro: idiot this flight is 5K per person!and u sit in train afrom pune at 5 for rajnandgaon
Me:Is the round trip 10K total ? wh ydidnt you look for deals?
My bro: no its 14K total, 4K to go, 10K to come. 10K cuz 15ht is Sunday. And its ok.
Me: 6 K more for Sunday - why not Monday morning or late night flight!!! 6 K idiot!
My bro:moring was at 6AM. Dats why i booked late!
Me: Beevakoof Monday morning!!!
My bro: ask mummy, i just booked the days i got!

Called my mom - yelled - she called back - yelled back - then we mutually decided that we will stay in bangalore on sunday.

My bro: mummy called to cancel, ek baar main decide nahin kar sakte tum log!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Templates ...

One of my friends today told me about his young days (arnd 16) when he was a hippie ...he used to go to the nearest beach - and make money by inscribing tatoos and selling his kisses! Later he thought he liked computers and here he was at Microsoft. He told me he doesn't like templates...People trapped in a pattern...everyone trying to be everyone else ...
And this was the second conversation I had on the concept of social freedom. The fear, the guilt, the insecurity - that traps us...the need to confirm ...the need to justify if you are different...the need to emphasize I am right and you are also right...the society, the religion, the gimmicks is so important to break the mould and take your decisions for is so important to realize it early in the life...what is it that we fear to lose ? What is it that we want to save that we won't lose eventually is so important to make your own path...even if eventually it is same as everyone else's, it is important to know that you chose it. It is important to be awake...
Well I do realize that most of my friends are non-templatized :)... they choose... they are independent - secure individuals...they explore, they try new things, they take risks...infact now that I think they all inspire me in a similar manner... as if they are derived from the same template ...