Thursday, June 19, 2008

To connect with someone is not a transitive relationship

I was busy talking to school friends or calling them over today (story so far - I and saurabh share the same key of the apartment and saurabh took the key to office to get its duplicate made and I was locked at home (btw he couldnot find time to make the duplicate and i am so mad at him for that)). Inspite of having so many things to do and books to read the fact that i am forced to stay inside the apartment when I could see the beautiful beach outside was making me turn over in my - umm- sofa.
Anyways coming back to the point...I met a friend who like me has a tattoo :) but is unwilling to settle for a normal life (read marrying indian guys) and then she told me abt another common friend of ours and said that she cannot connect to her and felt that she could relate to me coz I follow my heart too.
Well then I spoke to this another friend who is so close to me and mentioned that I met this girl and she told me yeah she is pretty wild and she cannot relate to her and is thankful that I am back as she can relate to me as I am just like her - a normal girl.
Well frankly, I could connect to both of them pretty well. And this is my theory - the possibility of friendship and connection with someone is not a transitive relationship.
P.S- yes I have too much of free time in my hand with being locked inside like this

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

an artist's dilemma

They say that an artistic medium is a medium to express and not impress (or that's what I read from a blog of a new generation writer). Not more could I agree with the sentence and especially the rhyme in it makes it sound very profound. But at the same time, I feel that the biggest reward for such an expression is when someone "get's it". Someone understands what you went out and expressed. Someone gets impressed with it.
As the hindu philosophy goes, "karm kar phal ki chinta mat kar" ("Do your work and do not worry about the results" - something my mom always says since childhood and I had written this down and pasted that note behind my computer in iitk and a few guys saw it and made total fun of it).
Maybe the same applies here - express yourself without any inhibitions. So much so for the goal oriented world.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

housewife diary cont...

Arati to Saurabh: I don't like your tea.
Saurabh to Arati: I don't like your food.
Arati: Why
Saurabh: Your food is very south Indian. I dont like south Indian food so much.

Arati to Asim: I think saurabh doesn't like the food I cook.
Asim: ok
Arati: what should i do? what should i do?
Asim: nothing. He will get used to it.

Arati to Saurabh: I like the tea you make.

P.S- Blame Dami, mary, VC, g3, paramesh for making my cooking predominantly south indian.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

my weird psychology

Vodofone guy had come over to do my address verification.
Guy: Are you Miss or Mrs
Me: Mrs
Guy: But your husband surname is kumar
Me: I have not changed the surname
Guy: What is your occupation
Me: hmm Student
Guy: How can you be married and student
Me: Why can I not be both married and student


Guy: Shall I write housewife?
Me: No write student

Yesterday I gave a woman 50 rupees. Saurabh thinks she fooled me but she had asked me immediately after i had bought a chocolate pastry worth 40 rupees. It just didn't seem fair to have those 50 rupees on my side and that (allegedly hungry) kid on her side. I just gave her benefit of doubt.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Aha- the housewife diary

Saurabh thinks that I am too active to just stay bolted inside the house. It had been only 2 days - that too a weekend and I was wondering what I should do the coming week. Yup there is lots of work lined up - fitting my 9 suitcases into 3 cupboards, furnishing and decorating the apartment and getting it ready for a small housewarming, reading books on movie making- yes I visited the institute and met a few folks there and realized that I really need to be well-prepared before I join (did I tell the classes are from 8 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening + add 1 hour of commute on both ends + add the fact that more than 12 classes missed means you are dropped out of the course!). I also want to explore the neighbourhood (Mount Mary road - my association with Mary doesnt end). My flat overlooks ocean and also balcony of old-time movie stars - Jackie Shroff and Rekha (I say that it is fraud news as I havent seen them even once in last 2 days). Neighbourhood has band-stand and bungalow of shahrukh Khan and I need to just jog in bandstand area if the sun goes easy on me. Oh how I wish the sun was a little less harsher!
I need to get internet installed - wont be done till 12 more days - as it is going to be provided by our building -it is Reliance - now they are going the comcast way - one cable provides everything- right now I am stealing neighbour's wireless (>:)). . I have maid - Samita who comes and does everything except cooking - I wouldn't let anyone else cook at my home ever but Saurabh says that once my classes starts we will need it. There is someone for ironing clothes too. We don't have a car yet and I will buy Maruti Swift pretty soon. I already have a driver though - an overly talkative Wasim (whio currently drives a taxi) - who also wants me to buy a swift or a Toyota Innova (and I dunno why). I keep wondering what he will do outside institute full day and am thinking if I should drive myself but Saurabh says better to have a driver and not deal with the mind-numbing Mumbai traffic. I also keep wondering what I will do if my maid or driver doesn't come one day. I want to be self-reliant at the end of the day.
Mumbai city is bustling with people, very fashionable (which I find very interesting), the windows of the houses are open (that is a big deal after living in closed windowed apartments for so long), there is easy access to house help, you enter a shop and 4 salesmen are ready to help you, the 1-800 numbers have started, there is craze for IPL cricket matches, the shops have salsa and chakkali placed in the same aisle, fresh juices are cheaper than that from concentrate, there is an increased realization of the fact that India is young now with all ads targeting the youth, there is heavy inflation- infact I donot let saurabh buy half of the things (sugar-cane juice is now 8 rupees instead of 5 rupees), the traffic tires you more than the actual work, the various application forms like those for mobile etc ask for father's or husband's name, there is cuckoo and peacock and early morning alarm from all the hens and cocks in the neighbourhood, you call them and they come pick up dvd and then deliver photos, call and they deliver everything under the sun, but at the end of the day the biggest difference is being able to live with someone with whom I had decided to build my nest so many years ago.

Ok- let's unpack now :).