Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Hello 2020!

Happened to read an old post and realized when I am forced to write, I become better.
2020 has started in a good note.

A quick update for anyone who knows me only through this blog - I have a daughter now - she will be turning 4 in May!

And I have a movie- Cargo - India's first scifi spaceship film. And we are hiting SXSW and lots of Scifi Fests all over the world. So well all the struggle that I documented since 2008 did indeed culminate into something. And I am writing some cool stuff so hoping for life to be fantastic.

But well I hope I am wiser now to not judge life based on milestones but on the basis ofd daily state of being.
In the posts to follow, I will be talking about lots of things, primary movies but also minimalism, sustainability and general musings.
I happened to read my old blogs and all I can say is I am surely a more mellow version of myself.
I hope to blog more often now. As it helps gives me some center.


(More about movie via reviews: