Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The movies that we like

I have always seen some really good gems  that have come and got appreciated by people - be it Khosla Ka Ghosla, OLLO, Udaan, Delly Belly and many other ones and I have heard their makers say that their film-script was rejected by every production house in town.

And why so ? I was discussing this with Zain why a good script is rejected more than an ordinary mundane, rehashed script.
And there was very interesting point he mentioned that such films need to be really well-made, intelligently marketed to do well. Such requirements are not for films like housefull-2 who neednot even be a complete script to begin with. But inspite of that the producers know that the elements in such films: actors and the promise of brainless laughter is enough to get a substantial num of people in theatre. These films are not the first choice of people if a genuinely good film like 3-idiots with top actors is running but films like 3-idiots are few and far between and in the absence of anything good, these are the ones that run the most. So for a producer these are the safest bets.

Whereas for films like Khosla ka Ghosla - everything has to be good, story, acting, direction, edit and even then because it doesn't have big stars that draw the crowd, it will barely make enough money. It doesn't matter that over a period of time Khosla Ka Ghosla will outlive the housefull series in terms of entertainment. On paper, it is a risky proposition.


Sometimes I wonder what attracts me...sometimes I get attracted to ideas, well-read persons, who I feel have better understanding of things, sometimes I get attracted to plain simple niceness -a good person, sometimes I get attracted to cuteness, like my puppy.
Attraction seems multi-faceted to me but it always grows for me. Like in one of Salman Rushdie books he says that Akbar is infinitely attracted to Jodha who is his imagination and the more Akbar loves her, more she comes alive. Jodha is so alive that she worries what will happen to her if Akbar dies...

I guess that's what happens when we get attracted to a person, we replicate a person and create a local copy - an image of the person in our mind. And that image as much belongs to that person as it belongs to our imagination.
As we think, try to fill in the gaps, our imagination starts overtaking and somewhere we get far removed from the reality of the person and start living with this jodha ...unreal but alive...

I guess like every other emotion, attraction too feeds on itself ...