Monday, November 26, 2007

the karma theory

My mom to her brother (both 50+) - Every action has equal and opposite reaction.
My uncle - Then you should do very very very bad things to everyone and then very very very good things will happen to you. Isn't that the opposite.
Ofcourse he was making fun of my mom. Basically what my mom wanted to say that what goes out comes back .
A per this theory everything should make sense in totality. But why sometimes this equation doesn't make sense in its sub-divided forms even if you try to get the global perspective? If you see a man suffering - is it because of bad karma? But what if the man suffering is sad and at that time is not being able to figure out why he is suffering? Why would I want to see a big picture over the 7 life times? I dont want to see.
And then in reality shouldn't things be perfect - the co-operating world - the equilibrium - but then one guy defected and then this other had to defect against him - but it should have ended there - unless multiple folks defected and we thought of redistributing the pairs - and it never ended - poora balance kharab ho gaya. Mother Teresa says- its not you versus me - it is you versus rest of the world.
That would mean that you hurt once and then one hurt would be inflicted upon you - may be from a random person. But then what about this random person who revenged?
And then again - what about people who hurt themselves. Every person committing suicide will probably have to be killed too to neutralize the defect he comitted albeit against himself .

Why do we think that always both side of the equations should be balanced -or the truth is that it is never balanced - and just keeps trying to balance itself in a continuum? Does the world thrive in this dissonance?