Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Parallel lives

That's what I realized I and Saurabh led last 15-18 days ...I in a different filmy world in Goa totally oblivious to the gravity of the situation in Mumbai and Saurabh in Mumbai - totally immersed in Mumbai's sorrow and prob. not being able to comprehend my insesitivity...
And just today when I came back and dug the papers kept in a rack next to the sink in the kitchen I read the stories and got struck with the same sentiment that struck most of the mumbaikars a few days ago.
Well now that I look at the pattern, small bomb blasts, becoming a daily doze at the news and not lasting the media attention longer than the spat between film heroes, this was an event waiting to happen. An event that shakes everyone and makes them feel, this could be you.

Going back to my Goa fest, I remember watching the movie "A wednesday" in IFFI - I remember the moment when the audience clapped in unision, someone even stood up, when Nasuriddin Shah said in the movie - " I am a common man who is scared to board the public bus. I feel helpless". Those words never rang true to me.
That's when our, mine and Saurabh's, parallel world seemed to unknowingly converge.