Friday, March 30, 2012


When the new leaf woke up,
The traveling wind nudged her and said, I will meet you in 12 months.
The leaf first confused, didn't believe him,
But then gradually she started waiting,
With twinkle in her eyes,
She waited every minute, every hour, ever day, for the wind to come.
And the rains came, the sun came, and the sun went.
But the leaf waited.
With the twinkle.
6 months passed.
On the 7th month,
The leaf grew old
and died.

It's the 12th month now.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a post where I have all the pictures of my dog that I took from my phone

Doesn't want to take bath - staging peaceful protest

Stealing onions from kitchen caught on my customized cctv i.e. my mobile phone
Peaceful protest against regular dog food

Playing with her fav toy - saurabh's shoes

wondering what Saurabh does every morning

Enjoying car rides
With my friends

with my mom
"Come - play chase with me" look

Evening walks - i like the view :)

"I want something - not sure what"- look

"I exactly know what I am getting"- look

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My milestones ...

Well yes I am full-time filmmaker now, have forgotten my coding-giri somewhere esp after going to film school. But unlike lots of people, I never hated studies or software coding.
Also I have realized that I like to be busy all the time. Some sort of a disorder, my psychologist co-writer says. If I don't have work I start going crazy, restless and unhappy.

Oflate, actually in December, I thought of doing something around films but it needed an software infrastructure.
Now right now I can't tell in the public site as I have been warned that it is vital to be an early entrant and knowing my coding pace and irreregular time-schedule I cannot claim loyalty to my deadlines of this side-project.
So anyways I call this my 10 percent project as entire week I work on films, but in the evening , to stimulate myself, I do some coding.

This blog is to mark my milestones as it give me a high and also self-accountability:
- Dec Vacation - project was conceived, discussed in white board with Saurabh. He saw potential. I drew up the first draft of visuals and design.
- Jan, Feb, Mid-march - I worked on my feature's script (we had some nagging issues and I wanted to address that). All documents around 10percent  project were placed in a folder called dreamproject. I call it dream project coz this is beyond me and an individual. I feel this will enpower so many people if rightly, neatly done with the intent of helping people rather than making revenue.
-March - Revived interest. As film pitching and cold calling was increasingly depressing me, I wanted to do something in parallel so that there is a sense of progress too. Also our production house Tangelo started and I am incredibly proud of my team so I managed to have 2-3 hours per day of free time (esp from 8-10:30 till I goto bed).
- Birthday - My father transferred me some money (40K) as birthday gift. Since it is his extremely hard earned money, I didn't want to waste it in materialistic pursuits. So Anyways, with the help of 2K - I managed to buy some infrastructure around my "dreamproject". Started looking for a web programmer (I don't have much experience in php).
- My brother coaxed me to code myself - called me names - and finally I started coding.
So it's end of march and I have managed to have xamp and login using fb on my site. This is not even the tip of the ice-berg. I have hell lots of coding to do. But well atleast getting the "hello world" right is sort of like a big stumbling block right out of my way.

Anyways ...i am liking this filmmaker by the day and geek by night thing. Incidentally 4 years ago it was opposite. I guess as someone had said when I was explaining long back that "I like coding also but i want to make films also"- don't be sheepish about having two passions.
And somehow managing both things - software and films together has imparted me a sense of self-fulfilment.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goa Times

Hell yes! I gotta lose weight!!


Chance running into a newsletter I had started at IITK - 

Had wrote a huge anti-google article. Also all the funny cartoons there were made by me :).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random Dreams ....

Maintaining this post to update some of the things I keep fantasizing about. Public - coz hoping someone echoes my thoughts and contacts me to make any of these possible.. ....some scientific some social and some just pleasure....

1) Face detectors at major railway station-exits that matches online record of missing people.
2) Mass Teleportation instead of mass transportation
3) A museum of animals made of cottons each animal  doing their regular chore - going to market, eating, just woke up, reading paper...and the museum is in their natural habitat (this could be an installation too)
4) Music training and color theory available to all children
5) Every school library has library of art-work created by students....
6) Knowing before hand whom you could marry/not marry...
7) Could change your head to another head
8) Roads are colored - houses are grey. Roads are colored, houses are colored...
9) Babies sitting in waiting room watching where they will be born.....
10) India has a design adda like prithvi...
11) Indians choose the color of their building.
12) Every square has an art work
13) Mild Music - classicals playing on the traffic lights...

Saturday, March 03, 2012

The director and community

Whoever is fan of the paintball contest that happens at the end of community serial - read the struggles of it's creators - and also his theory of circles:

Below is reproduction of his proposed graph for every episode:

     1.  A character is in a zone of comfort
  • 2.  But they want something
  • 3.  They enter an unfamiliar situation
  • 4.  Adapt to it
  • 5.  Get what they wanted
  • 6.  Pay a heavy price for it
  • 7.  Then return to their familiar situation
  • 8.  Having changed