Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My milestones ...

Well yes I am full-time filmmaker now, have forgotten my coding-giri somewhere esp after going to film school. But unlike lots of people, I never hated studies or software coding.
Also I have realized that I like to be busy all the time. Some sort of a disorder, my psychologist co-writer says. If I don't have work I start going crazy, restless and unhappy.

Oflate, actually in December, I thought of doing something around films but it needed an software infrastructure.
Now right now I can't tell in the public site as I have been warned that it is vital to be an early entrant and knowing my coding pace and irreregular time-schedule I cannot claim loyalty to my deadlines of this side-project.
So anyways I call this my 10 percent project as entire week I work on films, but in the evening , to stimulate myself, I do some coding.

This blog is to mark my milestones as it give me a high and also self-accountability:
- Dec Vacation - project was conceived, discussed in white board with Saurabh. He saw potential. I drew up the first draft of visuals and design.
- Jan, Feb, Mid-march - I worked on my feature's script (we had some nagging issues and I wanted to address that). All documents around 10percent  project were placed in a folder called dreamproject. I call it dream project coz this is beyond me and an individual. I feel this will enpower so many people if rightly, neatly done with the intent of helping people rather than making revenue.
-March - Revived interest. As film pitching and cold calling was increasingly depressing me, I wanted to do something in parallel so that there is a sense of progress too. Also our production house Tangelo started and I am incredibly proud of my team so I managed to have 2-3 hours per day of free time (esp from 8-10:30 till I goto bed).
- Birthday - My father transferred me some money (40K) as birthday gift. Since it is his extremely hard earned money, I didn't want to waste it in materialistic pursuits. So Anyways, with the help of 2K - I managed to buy some infrastructure around my "dreamproject". Started looking for a web programmer (I don't have much experience in php).
- My brother coaxed me to code myself - called me names - and finally I started coding.
So it's end of march and I have managed to have xamp and login using fb on my site. This is not even the tip of the ice-berg. I have hell lots of coding to do. But well atleast getting the "hello world" right is sort of like a big stumbling block right out of my way.

Anyways ...i am liking this filmmaker by the day and geek by night thing. Incidentally 4 years ago it was opposite. I guess as someone had said when I was explaining long back that "I like coding also but i want to make films also"- don't be sheepish about having two passions.
And somehow managing both things - software and films together has imparted me a sense of self-fulfilment.

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