Thursday, August 20, 2009

The animal

Sometimes I feel man and his higher forms are over-rated. There is this aspirational value attached to feelings of contentment, self-restraint, loyalty, patriotism in various cultures. Over the years, I have started appreciating other emotions of humans too greed, jealousy, temptation, selfishness. The latter emotions that come naturally to us by virtue of our evolutionary characteristics - need to be the fittest for survival. The former are conditioned. We are conditioned to believe that the former is good. It is believed that they make us more humane than an animal. And I wonder, what's wrong in being a little bit animal sometimes ?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Short fiction saga

Shot my short fiction today and this post is to bookmark the great feeling I am having. As if I have got what I wanted in life, as if I am ready to die. And the funny part is that i haven't yet seen the movie. And I know there would be mistakes (esp. because one scene i compromised because of the lack of time and combined the shots) and I fear there might be something that i might not like - the pacing, the rhythm. But for today I free myself from all the worries of the results and allow myself to derive the pleasure of indulging into a beautiful process of creation. It's the satisfaction of a painter, of a poet, of a writer, of a sculptor of a composer - all combined. It's not just satisfaction - it's a high. I wonder if people who have drugs feel this way.

It's 1 at night - I am alone in our guest bedroom - it's just me and the process of creation with me. And it feels great - it feels wonderful. I wonder if every moment of my life would be aimed at experiencing these brief moments, these wonderful nights. I wish they would be ...