Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness

Must watch movie - Pursuit of Happyness
Sometimes when things get too easy in life - you take everything , including your own potential for granted, movies like this just bring you back to be the person you had once set out to be!
People generally say that you can never achieve everything as per your satisfaction - if you don't have a car - you aspire for one - if you have a honda - you aspire for a beetel (so now you know it's a girl writing this blog) - and so on you can never get satisfied - but well doesn't this dissatifaction keeps you going ... and in this pursuit aren't there immensely satisfying checkpoint moments that people living in their so-called blissful slumber do not experience. For me - it's tequila versus wine - I want to rule the world - let's save the buddhist philosophy for later years!


Anyways someone pointed me to my this year's horoscope - not pleased I surfed around and found various random horoscopes on the net and they all were so inconsistent among themselves that I just gave up ! However - there was one thing consistent in all of them:

Your expenditure wil exceed your income.

well I don't see my expenditure increasing ... so i think my income will decrease... err what was the buddhist philosophy we were talking about ...


Samarth said...

So you liked the movie.. ??

I liked the first part but later found it predictable and bit slow. As I told you earlier I could relate to what Will Smith was going through in his life since I had seen a friend of mine suffer similarly.

arati kadav said...

Oh yes I loved it totally! May be watching it on a theatre gave a good effect - didnt seem slow actually ..I justloved the end of it (though predictable :)) - Will Smith totally rocks man

Skylar said...

ya...I loved the movie too...Will Smith was amazing :)

I thot he really acted well in the final scenes :)...

Skylar said...

What really interested me about the character in the movie was his single minded devotion to get the stock broker's job....despite his several setbacks, he never gave-up :D

arati kadav said...

Exactly - I also admired the fact that he didn't compromise either with his dreams (to become a stock broker) and his responsiblity (his son)

Unknown said...

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