Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Planning India trip

Me with my bro on email:
Me: What - I am going to Bangalore only for a day!!!!
My bro: 2 days! stop irritating me
Me: Why not a later flight on Sunday !!!
My bro: idiot this flight is 5K per person!and u sit in train afrom pune at 5 for rajnandgaon
Me:Is the round trip 10K total ? wh ydidnt you look for deals?
My bro: no its 14K total, 4K to go, 10K to come. 10K cuz 15ht is Sunday. And its ok.
Me: 6 K more for Sunday - why not Monday morning or late night flight!!! 6 K idiot!
My bro:moring was at 6AM. Dats why i booked late!
Me: Beevakoof Monday morning!!!
My bro: ask mummy, i just booked the days i got!

Called my mom - yelled - she called back - yelled back - then we mutually decided that we will stay in bangalore on sunday.

My bro: mummy called to cancel, ek baar main decide nahin kar sakte tum log!


Nishit said...

hey coming to India? cool.. when? and specifically when are you coming to Bangalore finally?

Sumit Sorde said...

Bechara bro!
Meri request yaad hai naa abt bangalore arrival dates :D
will send u the list of gadgets to get sooon :P

arati kadav said...

hey nishit i will be there on 14th april weekend -- see you soon !

sure sumit - :-)

Alistair D'souza said...

coming to bangalore... will try to catch up with you then ....

btw are all your trips planned with a bit of yelling :-)

arati kadav said...

ali - yup all of them!