Saturday, October 13, 2007


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River, wind.


Mandar Behere said...

Not really, they just don't meet "your" expectations and hence "you" feel they are unpredictable, isn't it ? :)


Vik@$ said...

how come wings are unpredictable ?
i will add software in that list :-D u never know how s/w will react to some condition but of course we can call such things as bug and fix them later......remember bill gates first demo of windows..
i think nothing is predictable :-P

Interview Master said...

Wings bole to Chicken Wings?
They are predictably yummy :)

arati kadav said...

hey mandar - i liked your thoughts
vikas - good s/ws shpould be predicatable though :)
-ankur- abe uth - its 2 and you are still not in office!

Alistair D'souza said...

liked the analogy... compact and heavy :-)

arati kadav said...

thanks guys for the varied point of views