Tuesday, March 04, 2008

and i am back

it has probably been 3-4 months since i posted anything here and even longer since I have had any creative juices flowing.
Much has happened since then - I am married (to someone who I think has stolen my tiffin box), have made a few videos - Our monkeys production has debuted with Andy's farewell and so on. I haven't cooked except the shrimps with coconut and onion (which turned out okayish) and have developed a new addiction to dack chocolate covered espresso beans which I am chewing even now. I am a few pounds heavier, can take 6 shots without getting drunk, havr dicovered friendship with my tough guy -russian colleague and yeah got a huge tattoo on my back.
Mentally too - in my recent few months I have lived my life from outside when I was going through the marriage ceremony - was trying to grasp things - debating the possible viaolent history of the marriage ceramony (guy comes with a sword on a horse) and complaining aboot sexual discrimination - why do girls have to go to guys' family? - trying to get perspective of things - and then have lived my life from within - on having a companion who understands my questions - never ignores my aspirations - sometimes dreams on my behalf and yeah most importantly makes sense out of me.
I have also discovered my new passion for movie making - have only made videos and skits but in those i like the idea of orchestrating a small fictitious word - it is just like writing a blog or cooking, you see a medley of thoughts meeting, parting ways - sometimes you fear that you might end up in a cacaphony but then there is a feeling of triumph when you come up witha a melody.
With that - let the thoughts flow - lets restart the blog.


Interview Master said...

and I am still not back to home. Probably I should.

Nishit said...

First of all, Congratulations!!!!

was waiting for your call while you were in India, but never came...

and most important of all, whatever has happened to your vocabulary. Looks like you have had more than 6 shots while writing this one :-)

Cosmic Joy said...

Welcome back and congratulations :)

arati kadav said...

yes ankur you should
thansk nishit. I keep getting complaints about hte number of spelling mistakes I make all the time :).
Thanks cosmic Joy :).

Vik@$ said...

congratulations and welcome back to blogging world