Wednesday, July 02, 2008

so am i settled

Well so I was discussing this with Mary over chat. I do not feel shy to instruct things to my maid now. I do not feel that we are underpaying her. I do not feel guilty of small kids acting as delivery boys. My tips to them have reduced drastically. I now ask the cost of vegetables before buying it and do not give away money to every beggar I see on the street. The vegetable vendors (apart from immigration officers in the mumbai airport) recognize me and I have started eating street food :).I have gained weight and started becoming philosophical in my blogs and have started talking about having gained weight.
The euphoria of having an apartment next to the sea has settled and so have I.


Vaidehi Dongre said...

I am jealour ur apt faces the sea. now i know where to set my tent next time i visit bombay :)

Alistair D'souza said...

good that you have settled in.. need to see that apt... the sea can do its thing and most often than not, it does.... :-)