Friday, June 12, 2009

In search of a cake

This is one of those days which could end up being my diploma script.
Well tomorrow is June the 13th (no I am not making any horror movie on it). It is an interesting day as my father and husband share the same birthday. Well since I was too busy (and absent-minded) with my short fiction script, I completely forgot about it till I came back from college after 2 auto-reckshaw breakdown enroute.
Well then it hit me that I should be buying a cake for his birthday. Well Bandra is famous for cakes - what with Mount Mary and all. So I started on foot looking for a cake. And every shop I would goto would have a slice but not a full cake. The worst was the top two shops from which I buy were closed. I went all along hill road, looked everywhere and couldn't find one shop that sells cake. I had given up and decided to buy mangoes. "Cut mangoes on your birthday"- I thought I could tell him that. Just then I realized that there is 'Salt waters' on cooper road - opp. side of where I was (near Lilavati).
Well then I walked all the way back and reached there. That place was full of pastries. My hopes went high. I went and asked one of the 10 guys standing at the counter
"Cake hai"
"Madam kaunsa flavour chahiye"
"Counter mein dekhiye"
I saw and chose some "Chocolate Kahlua cake" as Kahlua is also my fav drink. Well then he started taking out the piece (which incidentally is 136 rupees per piece).
Then I said
"Bhaiyya cake"
"yes madam" and continued with packing it.
"BHaiyya yeh cake nahee hai" - I said
He went and spoke to another guy with a long hat. He walked to me and said"
"Madam actually this is cake. It has all the ingredients of cake - see the cut side"
Alright - these buggers were thinking that I have never eaten a pastry or a cake from a sophi shop. What do they know about me eating at DilliDaunte's (in downtown Seattle)? Well I said to them:
"I know this is a cake. But I need a full cake not a slice of it"
"Ooooh achcha madam"
The realization then dawned on them.

Well they incidentally didn't have a full cake. I ended up taking too pieces. Other with a different flavor (IRISH coffee). When I was back, I saw saurabh at house with half eaten dinner and a confused typical-saurabh "where were you?" look. Well I quietly sneaked in the pieces - and they are in fridge right now. Saurabh is sitting next to me worrying about India-China tension and I am here writing the blog wondering if he would notice tonight that I have gotten two cake slices instead an entire piece of cake.

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