Thursday, February 04, 2010

And the most acceptable thing in the world

which i find really outrageous is to see real soldiers - real people with real families - die for an abstract concept called nation.

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Abhishek said...

I don't entirely agree. Are u sure that nations are nothing but abstract ideas. Nations are not merely a conglomeration of people; they represent common history, common problems, common opportunities and common aspirations. Surely this doesn't mean that everybody in a nation will streamline to similar objectives or principals. And it is this variegated texture that gives a nation its dynamism, rather than make it an abstract concept. I also believe that it is therefore natural to have a sense of belonging (say patriotism); rather it would be unnatural to not have it (vide Sir Walter Scott: Breathes there a man with a soul so dead...). The question then arises is if it would be fair to lay down lives in name of patriotism..depends on whether one can justify the cause, something which invariably cant be done universally. The thing i know for sure is that all wars are little more than waste of human lives. Nevertheless your nation is worth fighting for.