Saturday, May 01, 2010

Side effects of 3D experiments

Found on a website - also now i know it is true:

Warning: If you look at anaglyphs(3D pics) for too long, everything will appear in 3D (even a flat blank sheet of paper) when removing the bicoloured glasses from your nose. It is scary but not dangerous. Colour vision comes back to normal after a while.


Pranali Brahmankar said...

You deleted the post?
by the way I liked "mud". Don't ask me why. :D I'm too uncertain like you. So I just believe whatever comes first in my mind.

arati kadav said...

thanks pranali - good start - with suggestions - but what about a hindi title...

Pranali Brahmankar said...

I don't know why but that does not sound impressive! But of course, don't go by my opinion. Many times, I have weird opinions. :D
And if you liked that Hindi title too much and more than those English titles, then definitely go for it. :)
All The Best!