Friday, July 23, 2010

The mermaid dream

Will it be just like the dreams
Where one becomes the water..
And laughs and plays and jumps...

Or will it be masked by the crude reality
Where the bodies restrict our flows
And the souls limit our depth ...

Or will it be some third thing
Not the dreams nor the real thing
Somewhere in between
Maybe I would be tied to a rope
The invisible one
And I will float all over
Discovering the possibilities in that
Touching the blue star fish
Collecting the pearls....
And once I have the pearls in my hands ...
I would let them slip
From between my fingers
To the bottom of the ocean
And not care ...
And then may be one day I would tickle the yellow stone
And it would silently laugh
But won't admit
The Embarassment of discovering how to laugh.


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