Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Some of the good short films available on the net

Well since I have made 3 short films now, I have done considerable research on the short films available on the net that I have liked. This is like a central database. I might have forgotten a few but will keep updating.The list is in no particular order (the order in which they appear on my mind)

1) Miracle Fish
I really liked this oscar nominated film coz of the story. It took me by surprise at the end. It has a great staying power in your mind - good aftertaste.

2) Signs
Nothing profound but amazingly simple - amazing repeat value. Really well structured.

3) Spin
How a good story can be told in 8 minutes. Really good acting.

4) Father and Daughter
This is actually animated film but by far my favourite. Very very profound.

5) Ten minutes
Watch this movie for one of the best long takes. Warning- will really hurt your heart.

6) Harvey Krumpet
This is a 22 minute animated film - I really like the nuances here - and the book of fakts :). How to use an interesting device.

7) The black rider
The people who have watched dev-d would rem this. Mr Kashyap used its concept for one of the scenes but it the build up in this 10 min film is too good. And the old lady though racist is really sweet.

8)Instead of Abracadabra:
3 part short film - really amazing acting - really great nuances

9) The New Boy

10) The new Tenant - this won an oscar - really whacko


To ber continued... got to go. Please help contri.

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