Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Childhood Crush

Arati: Saurabh my childhood crush has moved to Mumbai!
Saurabh: Jaa mill kar aaa.

Arati in childhood version - pink dress, matching pink shoes with white socks, pink watch and a pink bow in her hair.
Knock knock.
A giant shirtless, large hairy-stomached, naturally balding guy opens the door.
Arati: Hey I am Arati. I came to meet you. You are my childhood crush.
Childhood Crush: Duh
Arati: {blink} {blink} {uncomfortable silence} {blink}
Arati: Here I got Amul fruit and nut chocolate for you. It's my favorite chocolate. I don't even share it with my brother until he starts crying. It's very tasty.
Childhood Crush: (taking the chocolate - looking at it) They still make it. Gee ....Thanks Arti.
Arati: (smiles) {blink} {blink}
Arati: Ok bye.
Back to disheveled hair, torn jeans, spot-ridden shirts and mismatched slippers with an half-dead cockroach stuck on one of its sole.

Arati: Saurabh mein apne childhood crush se mill kar aa gayee
Saurabh: Achcha ... Ab khaana khaa le.


Sumit Sorde said...

LOL! True story?

arati kadav said...

no - not a true story ofcourse :) - ecept the first 2 lines.