Friday, March 18, 2011

Throat infection for last 5 days

Still too bored to visit the doctor. haven't been to gym the whole week. Wrote just 6 pages. (btw we are just 6 pages away from our first draft of polished finished script)

Plus have been absent-minded a bit. Yest we were going out for dinner and I accidentally locked my husband inside the house and was waiting for him near the gate. Later Saurabh came out saying "Tu kaise mereko lock kar dee ghar per". Oops.

Biggest learning of the week - yes - string theory - crash courses are no substitute for reading all those books and listening to all those lectures on 11 dimensions (i listen to some though) but it was good to get it from Saurabh. One gets a better perspective of life. Also at somepoint because I am writing the last few scenes of my film - having that perspective aids the movie a lot.  It helps me give a good aftertaste.

Another big learning of the week - a japanese psycho movie Confessions. I bow to the director, cinematographer, art director and the editor. It will be ages before I can give a treatment like that to any film. The great first 30 mins I have seen  of any film and the scene was inside a classroom. Imagine 30 mins scene inside a classroom and you are still getting one visual delight after another. Hats off.  Warning: don't see it's trailer. It's the worst giveaway trailer ever. Saurabh saw it and now I hope he still likes the film.

Another emotional moment - was seeing the birthday video. I saw in the long video that I was cutting the cake and giving it to my friends. Throughout the video far away in the background, behind the crowd of people (because of lighting or bright yellow t-shirt) I saw my husband standing and looking at me... He was smiling with my every smile - not once looking away.
In between he asked me: "Kaunsa cake hai". He was too far away to see the cake or make himself heard. Hmm :'(

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