Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marketing Strategy Presentations for Films

I have been asked by lots of people - what is the marketing strategy of your film? Lots of investors/producers/dustributors expect a presentation from the director him/herself.

New/indie filmmakers, who are trying to prepare a presentation for the same, should try to cover the following points. You will see that thinking about these pointers will automatically help you devise a good marketing strategy.

1) Marketing Strategy
 - Target Group 
    Determine which age-group is most likely to watch your film. Kids, youth, adults. (Or as a distributor in Naaz will ask you: class ki mass ?)

 - Genre and Tone of Pitch to Target Group
    Now that you have identified your audience, what qualities of the film will you present to the audience. E.g Vicky Donor was a comedy-drama but they promoted it only as a comedy.

 - Creative Media Strategies for Brand Differentiation
   Incase you dont have stellar star cast, what strategies will you use to differentiate your promo from 1000 other promos. How will you excite your TG.
Personally I feel a good way to approach this is by being in the shoes of TG.
    a) What qualities in the films do they want to watch
    b) What are the locations/mediums where they discover a movie
    *c) How do they take that "decision" to go to the theatre and watch it.
 What hints will you plant and at what all places so that they are able to take that decision readily.

 - Choice of Songs to Release
   Songs play an important role in marketing. They play in radio, music channels constantly reminding people of your movie.  Delhi Belly is a great example. Hardly any of the released songs were used in the film but they were used to draw the audience to the theatre.

 - Pre-Release Word of Mouth
   What WOM willl you generate that people would really really want to see your film.

2) Release Strategy
 - Types of theatres (multiplexes or single screen)
 - Show Timings
 - The Date of release of the film. This timing is extremely important. Just the right timing can make your film a hit or flop - you need to do in-depth study to understand it.

Update: These are some of the pointers that I have arrived at after talking to various people and with time. If you have more pointers please add and help.
Any data that gives insight in Release Strategy would be really helpful.

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