Saturday, December 07, 2013

Short Film Window

I am happy to announce the operation of Short Film Window ( a platform where one can Discover, Watch and Share the best stories of our time .

The site is up and running and is in Beta stage and is repository of short films from across the globe. We have managed to syndicate around 160 shorts from Film Schools and Independent contributors and am in the process of reviewing and uploading them. 
I see Short Film Window as a global platform that hosts the best short films from across the world.
My goal is to to be the one place where individuals can come and see high quality short form content on a regular basis.
Do play around with the platform. It works on iPads and computers and I am planning to have it work on mobiles too. Also I feel I should be developing an app for it. But my current focus is good content and creating a syndication team. 

Key Features: 
- Neat, simple snappy
- Integration with social networking sites
- Can choose films based on Genre, Language, Popularity, Length and Text
- Infinite scroll, List and Table views
- On-hover film info, one-click movie watch
- Content monitoring - Only well-made good short films are present
- HD films, hosted on Vimeo-Pro
- It's free and also ad-free !

So if you know of good short films or filmmakers, please feel free to ping me or write to

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