Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mechanical Automatons of 17th century Europe

Saw Mechanical Marvels - clockwork dreams on YouTube (Todo add link video id is 8OAA7yn_km8)

It contains everything from an automated town to fish gulping silver swan to a lady playing flute to a (programmable) writer. 

17 th century fiction also contained the same conundrums of machine versus humans as we have today (except we have robots and they had automatons). I don't know what happened to automaton movement - they lead to industrial revolution and all that art and trivia and aesthetics and delicateness was discarded. Machines were gradually seen less like humans and were built more for the purpose of serving humans. In a way Industrial revolution (that these automatons brought about) sort of lead to gradual domestication of machines. 

 Insightful documentary. Precursor to era of robots. 

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