Friday, October 20, 2006

happy diwali

Nothing can beat the excitement of getting a call from the relatives and talking to people ranging in age from 5 to 65. Though - conversation with everyone is limited to 4 sentences:
"Happy diwaali"
"Kya kar rahee hai"
"India Kab aa rahee hai"
"Le mausi(badee maami/mama/choti maami/chiku/chutki/...) se baat kar"
The call demonstrates round robin scheduling in its full glory. I also love the fact that everyone talks real loud - coz we have called america - and the excitement is infectious and so I talk back pretty loudly as well (which I do in normal case too but well).
Today the best question came from my 5 year old cousin(girl) who asked in the cutest voice ever - "wahaan raat ho rahee hai kya abhi?"

Has it ever happened that a phone call has taken you to a place where you have been before - and you are reminded about everything - people - the house - the color of the tubelight - the same dining table - the smell of the kitchen - tv playing somewhere -the sound of the cooler ...Calls like these just get me in touch with so much innocence and love - a full family about whom I almost forget about in my day-to-day life...


Anonymous said...

LOL! u should realise that it will feel the same even if u call from an indian city which is about 15+hrs away from home(thats train time i am talking.. incase amrikans have forgotten)
one should also wonder how can a physical distance from home affect the feelings when a call-from-NewYork should sound same as a call-from-NewDelhi for a listener in some xyz city in India!

Ankur Gupta said...

Chiku and Chutki should be replaced by Deepu and Munni.