Monday, October 02, 2006

happy dussera

:).Invitation by bama for dussera dinner tonight - she has made kheer :).
and I have also got pooran poli ( for lunch (just co-incidence).
Addemdum - today is gandhi jayanti also...


Estranged ! said...

Happy dussera to you too. Hope you had a great time. N'joy!!!

Anonymous said...

Aapne banaayi kya pooran-poli?

Anonymous said...

Dusshera in mumbai (Bandra)
Scene 1
Ravan is burning amids huge fanfare
Scene 2
Rain starts coming in,Ravana is being saved . Cannot happen as according to indian mythology

Ram runs out of arrows. Starts using ligthers. Also LNG gas comes in.
The person carrying the gas is meghnath!!!Sita is helping him FYKI.
Hanuman meanwhile is trying to get ravana drowsed in oil.Does'nt seem to have learnt too well in gurukul that oil is lighter than water and hence will be easily washed.
Ravana sena in a political coup tries to join ram sena to burn ravana.
Ravana refuses to budge
Somebody gets an idea that we should bomb ravana.He is suspected as a terrorist and questioned by the police whoi this time arrive before the scene infact were present all throughout.
Gas is finished, local females refuse to give gas to burn ravana citing fuel shortages.
Mumbai police comes in and tries burns ravana, ram is not amused but he wont be listened to a lot by the local policeman. Ram is politely or impolitely escorted away in a van
Police man also has no idea now what to do with ravana, since he too has no fire
Ravana dies out of laughter

arati kadav said...

i cannot make that to save my life..