Friday, December 29, 2006


As per -
A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

Have been trying that for a while - it's fun:

The blithe moonlit stream
And the playful southern breeze
Brings you back to me


The drunken lady
Resonates youthful laughter
Flight of fantasy
the fun part is adhering to the syllable constraint ...worth a try ...


Nishit said...

I'll give you one of Gujarati, you might not get it but fun will get out of it if I translate

વોર્નને કહો
સ્પિન ન કરે દડા
ખા ને તુ વડા.

arati kadav said...

do you care to translate:)!!!