Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Showerless in Seattle

Well not quite literally though (want to save my rep) - for those of you who have not been really in sync with headlines of - seattle was hit by a storm last thu night and since then we had no power in most of the places - well- few of the places - ahem well -very few of the places -ahem well in my apartment complex (and there are always some unfortunate few) - and ahem well in Sam's apartment.

So here are the details in chronological order - from an eye witness (who is me - my news channel is currently a bit understaffed):

Thursday -
Thu Night(sorry we don't track dates - this is all the info you get for free) - I finished Wuthering heights (talks about some ghosts at the end) (this info was for building up the background)
Thu midnight - I hear loud noises of wind whistling. I saw a tree swaying violantly in the wind - I wondered whether it will fall on my car (left) or abhishek ram's( my neighbour's) car (right). Thankfully it didnt fall.
Thu sometime after that - power went off (that was the last time i felt electricity in my apartment till ...)

Fri morning - Driving to office. All signals off - traffic packed - cars moving slowly one at a time - One collegue called and said dont come to office. I turned back towards home. Other colleague (read boss) called - said come to office - so turned back to office.
Fri 10 am - In office (total 5 people) wondering what to do (hadnt taken shower) - went to another colleague's place - got a silver suitcase that had poker cards and chips - played poker in the office lounge
Fri - 2 pm - hungry- We started looking for food. Finally found a place at 4 pm which had 45 mins wait - ate and boxed the rest for rainy days (havent eaten that till now though)
Fri night - Went home - My mobile was not working - there was no light - it was deadly cold. There was 1 candle in the house (since it was an expensive candle so didnt want to burn it totally off) - do i have a choice? It was dark and cold ... i remembered wuthering heights - whoaa ghosts!! finally i heard someone on the stairs - ghosts - what - with high heels - that was my chinese neighbour (what my neighbours are chinese!) used her phone to call friends who were looking for food in bellevue.
Fri night after 30 mins - bell rings (nothing works but the door bell works)- rescued by friends. Wow!
Fri night -went to dinner at "king n i" and then to movie (holiday - total chick flick)
Fri - came back and froze to sleep at home

Saturday -
Sat morning -no chai (gas is electric)- ran to neighbor (abhishek ram's apmnt) - had cold coffee - he had a landline - made few calls found microsoft building 50 has power
Sat noon- went to building 50 took shower(for 30 mins) and had tea and biscuits there. Everyone came - we went to Kent Punjabi sweets for food - ate heartily
Sat - eve - yash and narendra rescued - went to movie - kabul express (boo hoo hoo)- and then came back with firewood for some fire - lo there was electircity at Y's and N's apartment (but not mine - how can a low end aparment like parks have and not adagio)- slept there - it was warm finally.

Sun morning - woke up at 9 - went to proclub (gym) for shower (at 2 pm)
Sun eve- went for shopping with Yash, Narendra and Yash's mom and compensated for all the losses i had in life with the only profit I had made so far.
Sun night - Slept again at yash's place

Mon morning -came to office - no shower.
Mon night - Dinner at Paramesh - finally took shower and camped at Dami's place with G3 and Sam.

Tue morning - woke up - made chai - 4 people chit-chating - well its not that bad - felt as if I was holidaying at friend's place.
Tue afternoon - power came in Adagio - was informed by 3 people that they could see lights on inside my apartment (may be i should keep my blinds closed)
Tue night - went to gym and showered there- went home - I had power ...

Wednesday -
Wed morning - my manager kept a 9.30 am meeting - rushed to office
Wed 9.30 - meeting got postponed to 10.30.

This kinda summarizes:


Anonymous said...

My Sympathies (Yes, with caps 'S'). Nothing like a good ol' power outage to bring out the best in Seattle. Hopefully Godliness didn't take too much of a hit. Hoping y'all have a great Christmas holiday...

Anonymous said...

gal, i didn't know it was that bad! although i read ur mail..i was in another trance of mine! anyway, hope things r fine now :)

Anonymous said...

Wed: Asked Sam "n" times(where n is a large number) if he had power .. Grrrr

Thu: Sam gets POWER

BTW the highlights of these 7 days were Dami's hospitality, Poker and Tue morning Bed Chai by Ms AK ...


kakkajee said...

did this news ever make it to the CNN headlines ..

arati kadav said...

@Saurabh Sen - Thanks man...I had gross confusion regarding your identity for a while :)
Vaidehi Dongre - Well yes they are fine :)
Sam - honestly when I woke up that morning I was pretty relaxed and mentally prepared for another few days w/o power - yes and DCC rocked...
@kakkajee - it made to seattle times that i know ...

Anonymous said...

@arati... Would love to know know what you were thinking... (Hoping you thought that I was the Spaceman Spiff incarnation of Calvin with holistic views about Life, The Universe and Everything in it) :S

Ankur Gupta said...

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