Wednesday, October 01, 2008

From the top of the mountain

This mountain,
All green,
I started climbing up,
It took 10 days.
I stayed in a tent.
I ate very little.
My water got over.
But I reached the top.
And I saw the world ..
I saw tiny houses,
Tiny roads,
Tiny rivers,
Far away I saw an ocean
And beyond that
That ocean again.
It didn't end.

That ocean
Beckons me.



Sutta said...


I'd be really happy if 'everyone' gets the beauty of this piece. :)

Anonymous said...

hi arti,

this is just a guess, my name is charan babu. have you been to vishakpatnam( kakatiya public school ).do you have a brother ASIM. If yes, do send me a mail to I will give full details abt me.

Charan babu

Ankur Gupta said...

Hiking up Mt. Rainier?

Abhishek said...

Beautiful. Powerful use of brevity.