Monday, February 09, 2009

Gift of Hope

How arrogant can a gift of hope make you?
Lately I was speaking to some of my college friends who claimed that Yuvvraaj made by maestro Subhash Ghai is worse than a few folks "My first project". Lots of folks said that he knew nothing about film making and used all the curse words their limited vocabulary could provide them. Saying that about a guy who has made 18 films out of which 14 were hits.
How many folks among 20 of us will be able to make our first film in coming 5 years? Almost everybody thinks they would. Almost everybody thinks their movie will be better than Subhash Ghai's movies. It's funny, almost ironical, the same set of guys who were dying to meet him, joined his institute, tgot exposed to Fellini and Truffaut and now they ridicule the guy, whose vision is their alma mater.

Infact some of them saw "Kagaz ke phool" recently. But they still don't get it. Do they? :)


Sumit Sorde said...

This is soo common in India! Seems u dont watch any news channels esp. the way they criticize Team India or any other sportsmen when they lose. As most of the comedians suggest, every Indian is an expert critic ;)

Unknown said...

comon aarti.......i am sure many of them didnt come to meet him......or are impressed by him......even i am not impressed nor like most of the movies he as made........although i have high respect for the fellow...and i did come to meet him