Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life events

So my driver's name is Wasim- a 22 year old chap. Apart from possessing great Schumacher abilities of making me reach college in 30 mins (ideally 1 hour distance) he also possesses abilities to write good shayaris (poems in Urdu). I always felt that he is gifted. And would encourage him to write verses and stories instead of idling around with other drivers. Infact I gifted him a diary (that my dad had given me) saying that I am giving you a precious thing so you better write shaayaris everyday and I will listen to them.
Past one week he came up with beautiful thought provoking verses. He infact also cameup with a nice hindi film story (which actually gave me a good insight on what the lay man of India gets excited by) and I suggested him a few more stories to write based on his experiences as a taxi driver.
Now I am resistant to change (a surprise maybe for most people but I take a lot of time to start liking people and even more to get comfortable with them. I don't show it to them as that would totally eliminate the possibility of having a healthy relationship if that is feasible). It took me 8 months to actually start liking him and providing him all the employee satisfaction that is required so after investing all this I naturally wanted him to continue for a while.

Anyways coming back to the main plot. This morning he asked me lots of questions about me leaving microsoft and the fear of not being able to earn as much as I earned in this new profession. He asked me why did I change? Was I unhappy? Was I too old for shifting gears? Can I go back if I fail in this movie industry etc etc.
And I answered them all.(what I answered would be in my future blog entries)
And well this evening I came and he told me that he has decided to give up being a driver and be a full-fledged writer. Study more Urdu and improve his art.
I was initially very sad coz that would mean now I have to search for a new driver who is willing to wait for 14 hours in college. Also now I will have to basically go through this hate love cycle to allow another person in my routine. I was scared also if I have influenced him in taking a decision that might usher his financial doom (and going by the track-record of the faculty out here - also the doom of his personal life).
But well I was happy that atleast he has dared to choose something he wants to do. And I still feel he is talented enough to produce beautiful poetries and I hope him all the best and courage to face the hardships. In his own words:

"Hamein kaichiyon se kya darna
Pankhon se nahee, hum hausolon se udte hain."
(translated without doing the poetic justice)

"These scissors don't frighten me
Not with wings, but with courage I fly"


Unknown said...

must say - a nice post! and u seem to b able to motivate ppl well. all the best in ur new search for a driver.

Alistair D'souza said...

all the best to your driver too... its good that he wants to try... its good.

Interview Master said...

Very inspiring - You, Waseem, this post and his couplet posted in the end.

Sumit Sorde said...

U were always good at motivating ppl :).
Welcome back! bloglines subscription did not awake though u started blogging again :(.. had to subscribe again!

Kuldip said...

If this is what he wrote.
I back his decision.

Wonderful lines.