Friday, September 11, 2009

About life and geysers

There are things that a married woman has to deal with when she is living with a guy. One was that my husband saurabh would not turn off the hot water geyser on so many occasions after taking his bath. And on top of that he would harp about the soaring electricity bills. I got into this habit of checking the geyser switch everyday and on more occasions than one it would be on.
I always told him - "you didn't switch it off" and he would refuse to admit.
This last week he has been away to London and I have been home alone. Actually not exactly as I was busy with my edits and was leaving home at 8:30 am coming back home by 11 pm everyday. Whenever I come back home, first thing I do is wash my face. The water there is supposed to be cold. It is hot only if the geyser has been kept on for a long time.

Well all these five days, whenever i washed my face, I consistently found the water to be hot.

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