Friday, February 11, 2011

So I wonder

If people who deactivate their social networking accounts exhibit more suicidal tendencies than others. Atleast Saurabh worries so.

But well I deleted my twitter account. Here is a summary of the useful content of my old twitter account:

Some quotes:
"Those are not stars in the sky- those are your brain cells" - Biutiful.
"It is stunning how much we gather back after death. Effortlessly the
net pulls to shore what it needs." -Zain (from his story "Foreword")
"I'm aware what tremendous feats human beings are capable of once they
abandon dignity." - Hans Landa - Incredible Basterds
"Private behavior will be a relic of an era gone by" - The Social Network.
"Sometimes reason it matters to care passionately about something is that it whittles the world down to a more manageable size. " - Adaptation.
"Information underrepresents reality”
"There is always another death to die, beyond the death you know." - rumi
“The test of a work of art is, in the end, our affection for it, not
our ability to explain why it is good.” —Stanley Kubrick
"there is a certain deliciousness in the oblivion."
"When two rivers cross they borrow eachothers water."
"Sometimes talking is interference and sometimes not talking is interference"

Links of posters:
Some good movie posters of 2010:

Are you a cyborg:
Your brain on improv. An amazing look at creativity and the mind #TEDxMidAtlantic
why i never manage to lose those 10 kilos!!!
john cleese on creativity and i agree 100%

Youtube vids:
Poem by the NRI lady:
Powers of 10 - to just get some perspective: Watch the beautiful
cinematic kisses at the end of the video. Also nice shots of
I guess this band is too smart to know that they need to act dumb to
be popular: Too cool though esp the peepin old
Slomo videos:

Life etc:
Working with actors- point: 6,9,10 are good.
How Mike Leigh extracts such wonderful performance from his actors
Good cab services in mumbai: Check their About
us :
241543903 - is the tag for all pics that people have taken while trying to insert their head in the freezer.
Good paper on how emotional responses are created by make-believe fiction: - "real is good but interesting is better"
"There is no co-relation between the strength of a given experience and the reality status of the object of experience."
Well dunno where I had my growth spurt:“films-are-vulgar-and-this-vulgarity-i-love-it”-an-interview-with-arnaud-desplechin/
-they misspelt my name but its ok i guess

Some of the links to the scripts I read and liked:
Social Network:
various drafts and the shooting script of Udaan :

That was all the useful content that was there - rest was personal fluff and imaginary outings.
Will promise to keep the content in the bins above updated.


Best tweet: My macbook runs computer se bhi tez :).

Best useful tweet: Save paper - print 4 script pages on one paper. Print on both sides and as left edged booklet. Added bonus- It is less spread out and more readable.

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