Thursday, February 24, 2011

The struggles of making "just a student short film"

Yesterday found out through an sms that my diploma film got Express award for best film. It felt nice. It was not publicized much (and my friends always criticize me for not publicizing my stuff and doing bad networking and I guess both are extremely imp in this field!). But yes it is my first film festival win so thought of bookmarking it!

Anyways like lots of my classmates I should also have a good poster of my film and like a few of them have a facebook page with all the film festival selections of Uss Paar:

- River to River Florence Film Festival, Italy
- Kalpanirjhar film festival, Calcutta
- Article 19 - Won the BEST Short Film Award
- Bhubaneshwar International short film fest
- Xaverian Film Academy ( X.F.A )

These are all small fests - but it is always nice to start small - kinda sets a trajectory. But my first love my short fiction Reflections haven't gotten anywhere. It's sad coz I really think Reflections is my best work till date.

We had worked really very hard for Uss Paar. Infact after the shoot I realized that I was not able to walk normally and when I came back from outdoor and took off my shoes I saw my legs as below. (pls click for clearer view)

Here are some musings of the day of the shoot :
And here are some musings of "some" of the hiccups before the shoot:

Reading it refreshes a lot of memories. One was being(ironically) caught by a railway TT coz the ticket was in Dev's pocket and he had left for Goregaon. And I had to pay 500 bucks to bail myself out (And thank God I was carrying that much money - as again I am very bad with cash management). And yes that 4 am cold shower was just so shockingly awesome too.


Uniquely the same said...

Hi Arati..give us the link to your which film school have you studied?

arati kadav said...

hi - the links are in the following post. I have studied in Whistling Woods - in Mumbai.

Richa said...

Congratulations on the award Arati!
Yes, make a facebook Page or something , you will have better permissions there and post and publicize your work!!

I loved reflections a lot too.. A great piece of work! Keep it coming!