Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Nice one

Gulmohar was shown to a bunch of freshmen in WWI today. They received it well and asked the right set of questions. So felt good about my short film.
However one senior person was seeing my film later in the day and I felt a little nervous - infact quite nervous. I always think about Fareeda in those times. "We love you for what you are and not what your movies are." Maybe at some level all artists do become insecure about their work to certain people. I am not nervous when strangers see but really nervous when people I know see my film. Infact I look at their reaction from the corner of my eye.
Infact when i show my film to a stranger i feel as if I am showing them something external to me but when I show my movie to a known person I really feel I am baring my mind to them and exposing something really soft and fragile part of me which makes me wince. I don't know why I feel that way.

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Moonjir said...

you should take our response too..who know tomorrow i'll be your great fan,,,so please post your movie on youtube,,will be waiting..a stranger :)