Sunday, April 17, 2011

Academics versus real life

I think our educational system stresses a lot on individual success. Pitching each person against another. The whole ranking system rewards individuals. Most of the time even preps for exams are done individually. This orients us differently as compared to what is required  at the real world. The real world favors team players more. It is important that team wins. Personal goals are subset of team goals.  Except sports period nothing else in school gives basic teaching of working in a group.

Just a thought off my head.

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medicine23 said...

As a corollary - this explains why many students who have performed academically average have had more successful and happy life.

While the individual academically brilliant student is busy book-worming and not learning enough team skills, the average student(usually someone who is also enlightened) will learn team skills, builds networks and has more fun too.