Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 really good respources

I normally refrain from posting other people's articles on my blog but I really liked 2 links a lot:

1) Design Thinking: A 40 minute lecture on designing which is simple awesome.
I will find myself revisiting it often.

2) 10 ideas for people in advertising from the original Mad Man of advertising (George Lois):

Two of the pointers I swear by and I know is true :

1) The accepted system for the creation of innovative thinking in a democratic environment is to work cooperatively in a team-like ambience. Don’t believe it. Whatever the creative industry, when you’re confronted with the challenge of coming up with a Big Idea, always work with the most talented, innovative mind available. Hopefully … that’s you. Avoid group grope and analysis paralysis. 
2) To create great work, here's how you must spend your time : 1% inspiration, 9% perspiration & 90% justification.
This I am only realizing with time. Any work you do you have to justify and convince your team, your clients, your financiers investors etc and unimaginable amount of energy goes into it. The energy seems more so because we are not marketing people- we are essentially creative people. 

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