Friday, August 24, 2012

Indian Ocean Music Video is out!

It was one helluva shoot and lots of hardwork went into it. Thankfully, I lost my mind only once - that is after the final release when I uploaded the final video on youtube I felt the video and audio suddenly went out of sink. Maybe it was fatigue of so many days of intensive edit work. And I said to Zain - "oh my God now what do I do". Obv the video hadn't gone out of sync but nonetheless I had started losing it. It takes 5 uncertain hours upload a HD video with our flaky internet and I was saying "let's do it again, let's fix it and do it again, let's not give up, let's do it again". Zain and my dog Juno both were in total state of shock - albeit briefly. Then I went to eat icecream and felt better. Maybe empty nest syndrome.  Bye bye another video - you no more belong to me now.

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