Monday, June 23, 2014

Amount of Hindi Juno can understand

It spooks me out that my dog Juno can understand following terms:
'Hum Jaa Rahein hai'- on which she  goes to the door ready to leave 
'Paani pee le'- on which she goes and drinks water
'Udhar dekh'- she starts looking everywhere
'Mein jaldi wapas aaungi'- when I am leaving her. She goes from restless pose to sulk pose
'Saurabh Jaa raha hai'- runs after saurabh
'Chal aaaj nehlaate hai'- she runs and hides in the cupboard
'Nehla Nahee rahee Sirf pair dhula rahee hoon'- she stops resisting
'Yeh Kay kar rahee hai. Are u mad ?' - in which she stops doing what she is doing starts walking away as if nothing happened. 

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