Saturday, September 02, 2006

bad hair cut

Well this post is dedicated to all the people who have had a bad haircut once in their life AND were affected by it (mentally).

I remember as a kid I always had what lots of people would call a - "boy" cut. My doting mother called it diana cut. She was very particular about the fact that I look prim and proper and took great efforts in making sure that my haircut is done at the best beauty parlour in town. Mind you I never went to any aunty beauty parlour opened by a neighbour who had done some "shehnaz hussain beuaty treatment course". Well also remember that once she was busy and my dad took me and left me at one of those aunty parlours and said he will pick me up after 1 hour(He would prefer to be caught dead rather than being caught at a beauty parlour). Well I remember coming out with a sad face and my dad noticing my hair to be really badly cut. That was probably the first and last time in his life when he entered the beauty parlour to fire her (which he could not - and only shyly remarked "kaise baal kaat diye meri beti ke" (how did you cut my daughter's hair)). And well the beauty parlour lady instantly said "sorry". And that was the end and after that I and my dad came out. I remember for lot of days my cousin making fun of that hairstyle as "sorry cut" and me with all the complexes of a 14 year old girl thought that it was the biggest calamity that could strike any individual.
The next time it happened to me was in "chic beauty parlour". It is the best one in Nagpur and I still go to it. But once out of love she told me that she will give me a hairstyle that urmila matondkar has in the movie "bhoot" (ghost). Well the result was a hairstyle that urmila had in the movie after she was possessed. Funnily enough two of my friends V and K liked it went to the same place and came back looking equally frightening.

Today I realize that half of the people in your life are so self-absorbed that they do not even care how your hair looks. However if I have a bad haircut even today (being a girl (ahem woman) and that too with a reasonable vanity) I think I will just tell my manager that I will work from home till my hair grows back. Seems like the complexes haven't gone as yet!

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Current state- exhausted after a long day trip to ocean shores
Special mention - AG who came in the road trip and had a bad hair cut


Anonymous said...

Given how beautiful you look, I do not think anyone would care about your hair style :)...However as you correctly point out, this is a major problem for average souls like me...

arati kadav said...

wow ! thanks you made my day! But well a girl's appearance is is a function of her hair, her clothes etc etc so I believe there are people who would care about it.

Anonymous said...

Mere baal ek dam achhe kate hain >:P

Anonymous said...

he he!!! maza aa gaya post pad kar

Anonymous said...

I love this one..! I cant tell you how much i can relate to it..! Frankly speaking..i have never had a good haircut..!I dont think any such thing really exists..!
Urmila's hair in Bhoot were irresistable but then how can you forget Urmila in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya... ;-)))!!