Sunday, September 17, 2006


Are we all wandering in this world - moving along - understanding something, assuming something, questioning a lot of things? Are we all nomads?

I move from one end to another,
But do I see the ends ...
When did I start, when will it end
Am I the ghost of this body
Or just a body...

Its dark and narrow
But I also feel the light
Its neither the sun nor the moon,
It's color has white
Or the lack of it...

Busy people make the walls of my passage
Have they reached their destination?
Or are they yet to start?
Are they moving?

I am none of them,
Or just like one of them ?
I can hear them all the time,
But I cant listen to them,
And they are there everywhere,
I am glad I am not alone,
But am I on my own ?

I am walking,
I dont know when to stop
Right now, I cannot ...
I want to reach my destination
Have I already reached it ?

I continue to walk
Why don't I feel tired ?
I don't want to look back,
But I can't see too much ahead, I want to see,
My one step leads to another and then to another
Is my every step only for the next step ..
I am moving through this passage
Is this passage made with my movement ?
Are these people making way for me,
Or I am here to walk along their way?
Can I pierce these people ... make my new way?
Will I find a new passage ... or will I lose my only passage ?
I want to reach my destination,
Is my destination I ?

This poem was written a while ago (thanks JK for reminding me abt it - I had lost it somewhere and finally found it in one of my inbox.
...must admit MB's following hindi translation is much better!

Hindi Translation by Milind Bhangar :)

Phirta raha hoon ek sirey sey doosrey,
par kya dikhta hai mujhey ant(end),
Kab shuru kiya, kab khatam hoga!!!
kya mein jism ki rooh hoon,
ya ek jism,jiski bisat nahi....
Kuch andherey aur patley rastey,
Mahsoos karta hoon par roshni,
Na woh chand hai na sooraj,
jiska rang hai shwet...
ya phir, kuch nahi....
har koi banata hai ek deewar mere rastey..
kya mili hai unko apni manzil??
ya, abhi shuruat baki hai...
kya woh kooch kar chukey hai apni manzil ki taraf?
haan, shayad mein unmein sey hoon..
shayad nahi!!!

Sunta hi rahtey hain zamaney walon ko..
magar aawaz nahi padti hai kaanon mein
woh hain, woh wahin hai,
haan, mein akeyla nahi hoon..
magar mein apney mein nahi hoon..

mein chalta jaa raha hoon,
kyonki, mein rukna nahi janta,
kya mein apni manzil par pahunch gaya...
ya, thodi door aur ...
mein chalta chala jaa raha hoon,
shayad thakna meri fitrat nahi,
mein peechey nahi jana chata,
dikh nahi raha kuch bhi ab mujhey, jo dekhna chata hoon..
ek manzil doosri ki taraf ishara karti hai...
us rah par nikal pada hoon,jo shayad mere liye hai,
yam mein uskey liye,
kya mujhey inkey saath jana hai,
ya. ye mere saath chalengey...
maaloom nai!!!


Ankur Gupta said...

Ye aapne kal mitaa kyon di thi?

arati kadav said...

i thought it is boring :(

Estranged ! said...

That one was really great! Bahut depth haai jaasbaat maain, honestly!

Two lines of ghalib:

dil dhoondhataa hai, fir wahee furasat ke raat din
baithhe rahe tasawwoor-ye-jaanaa kiye huye

arati kadav said...

hey dude - thanks :)..phursat ke din the isliye yeh sab tp kiya life mein

Anonymous said...

Why are you so sad?

arati kadav said...

no mere baap i am not sad what makes you think i am!