Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feedback on my blog

So the reviews are out ...I scanned through all my mails that talked about my blog. Here are some of the comments that have made long lasting impression either because of the content or because of the commentator him/herself.

Asim - Don't think so much. I am getting worried
JK - Nice blog
Saurabh - You have a blog?
Kamra - tera blog ek dum timepass ho gaya hai aajkal :-) ..
D - Like arati I don't think too much in life.
K - Interesting stuff in your blog.
Asim - Stop writing your blog - stay away from your computer if you have no work.
Saurabh (after reading it) - Isko kaam do re koi.
Kamra - (second thoughts) (am making that out from ur blogs, u sound angry/frustated/cross/unhappy/ or what not over something) - followed by his advice -"you should get married"
V - My life is so hopeless I am reading your blogs
Asim- Ok, atleast stop writing you blog for next 20 days.

Every word mentioned above is true.


Sumit Sorde said...

My comment: I approve of each comment in the post!

arati kadav said...

lol :)

Vaidehi Dongre said...

whatever I say, keep writing, u've known me too long to get bogged down by my sarcasm ;)for me, its a way of lie!

Anonymous said...

swear to god.. kamra is such a liar.. dont believe anything he says..