Sunday, December 03, 2006

Getting the head and "tail" of it!

I remember reading about friction in one of my science classes. And also gravity. Ofcourse I never got that demonstrated to me so well. Wish my life was as lucky as Newton's who saw an apple falling from top of the tree but unfortunately in my story I was the apple.
More old lessons got revised - one was the bio lesson - heard of something called tail bone (coccyx). Well yes it exists! And it is important. Newbee question - "Why do we have a tail bone if we do not have a tail?"
Well as Vids mentioned - Things can never be so bad that it cannot be worse. So here are the top things that I got out of lying flat in my flat:
- Calls from people.
- Didn't have to fill my movemap.
- Best friends cooking food at my place :)
- Getting food delivered from restaurant without lifting a finger
- People dropping in for Chai.
- Me getting down to finally reading wuthering heights, cat's cradle and watching flavors.
- Can potentially afford 24 hours of sleep per day (I could afford it only for 2 days in my life when I was born but after that never got the opportunity).
- Knowledge about what a doughnut pillow is. Sorry it is not edible.
- Eating non-stop and guiltlessly.
- Spending time in my apartment where I pay so much rent.

It is like extended holiday for me. Though I hate to admit - I miss not working for so long now. But well - who cares. So cheers to gravity - bottoms up - ouch!


kakkajee said...

why do you write like a randomized algorithm in your blogs ..

arati kadav said...

what to do i think randomly only ...