Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy new year - oh well!

So there we go - another revolution around the sun - done - ..
So well how are you celebrating?
"..ummm well I am planning to do lots of things"
yeah so what are you gonna do ?
"err... well I am gonna have lots of fun"

Last time I felt cornered this way was when one of my uncles were interogating me on what I want to do after 12th standard ( I was in 7th standard then).
I guess every new year I face the same dilemma as to what to do to celebrate the damn new year's eve. Well, since when celebration has become a need ? However, friends celebrate, families celebrate, colleagues celebrate, strangers celebrate - so well me celebrates.

Happy domestication - oops - happy new year folks!

addendum: It rocked!


Skylar said...

Hi there...

Nice post...hope you had a good time in your celebrations!!!

Ankur Gupta said...

Kya kiyaa aapne?

Sumit Sorde said...

Happy new year!