Monday, September 10, 2007

1000s of fortune cookies

my office room has 1000s of fortune cookies. One of the typical messages in the cookies are:

"Search and ye shall find" - join the Search team.

This is the new marketing strategy our team has acquired to attract internal microsoft employees to join in the search team. Provide fortune cookies in the cafeteria of other teams.

I remember what Girish once said in total earnestness: "I cant imagine working at any place as exciting as this" and I couldn't help but agree. There is lot of kick in being part of a underdog team trying really hard to beat the big guys. Working over the months and also on this fall release has changed my outlook from hopeless, to hopeful to confident to passionate. I know it is no miracle - its not impossible - and it is good to be in the side of the fence that believes in this fact and works for it.

Fortune favors the brave - well so do fortune cookies.

P.S- do look at my new tiny bag also in the picture :)


Sumit Sorde said...

So To get the fortune cookies, u shuld join other teams ;)..Nice message is being conveyed here :P

arati kadav said...

shaane :). But I got 1000s of them regardless:))

Dami said...

advt for team and bag :)

Sumit Sorde said...

Ahha! so the fortune cookies are not reaching the other team's cafeteria! Thats why nobody is joining MSN search :P