Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hmm - watching independence day

Remember "Independence Day" The Will Smith -Alien flick - I remebered watching it in a theatre - one of the 2 english movies that I convinced my parents to watch with me. The other was Titanic (we will talk about that experience later).
anyways - this time during India trip to keep me occupied - my boyfriend bought 5 dvds each of 100 bucks for me. I got to see the bourne series over there and one of the DVDs were all Will Smith flick. It had Pursuit of happiness (bad print), Hitch - a very good print and definitely more likable than partner and Independence Day.
Well this afternoon - while cooking - I thought I would settle for independence day - anyways I had totally forgotten about it and then after a little bit struggle with the menu I managed to play it - every thing was good - the titles - the print - the special effects until someone spoke. Yes - the movie is dubbed in Tamil. Hmm. Lets settle for unpirated kill bill

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