Sunday, August 10, 2008

The leaf

The leaf atop the tree,
The tallest tree.
The highest leaf.
One day,
the wind blows,
And the leaf,
Finds wings.



kyamaloom said...

Short, profound, deep, beautiful!

P.S.- I want poetry over here.

A G said...


i like your poem

the other two blog posts that u took off were nice too ... wonder why u took them off

Topi said...

Tallest tree is MS.
Highest leaf is you.
Blowing wind is ...?
And you found wings and flew away to Mumbai and film school?

arati kadav said...

thanks rohit nad abhinav.
Topi - that is a very shallow interpretation. The key thing the artist should do is get out the way of the art and i really was not talking about myself when i wrote that poem.

Topi said...

Ok ok ! Isn't there some great art made where the artist did get in the way though, just to challenge your statement :)? Raj Kapoor did it all the time in Bollywood and he made really good movies, relative to the other work from Bollywood.

Samarth said...

Did you delete one of the posting ??? It had reference to me and my car..

Samarth said...

Did you delete one of the posting ??? It had reference to me and my car..

arati kadav said...

Dear Topi,
since I have been pointed out by a lot of my friends that I was arrogant in my reply to you, I feel I should apologize. It was merely an annoyance on my part after 13 hours of college when sometimes you go through a day when your work of art is attributed to your state of mind/life. It takes enormous effort to forget yourself when you create something (without having drugs) and when I wrote that poem that was the state I was in - hence those words. Also I know you know me personally and still using that nickname topi...hmmm. Shoot me an email if you do not want to announce to the world. Generally feels better to talk to an old acquaintance instead of a topi..
Anyways I stand by what I said, but let me put it in milder tone. It is good to announce yourself to the world using your poems and work of art but it is kinda good to get out of that naivete'. Regarding Raj Kapoor, his movies were not inspired by his own life (Ram Teri Ganga Maili for instance - and i dread to think if it was). How do you get variety if you only talk about yourself and your point of views? Cheers!

Unknown said...

Totally impressed! Keep writing.

Meandering Mind said...

this is really nice and subtle. has that crisp and sharp quality of a haiku. congratulations. please keep writing. btw, i really liked some of your posts: insightful and articulate. also delighted to see that FA made some difference in your life.