Monday, August 11, 2008

auto woes

Well yeah last three years were great with my poor civic never giving me a problem unless I gave it one. And then I experienced the best cars - the beamers, the lexus, the porche, the merc, the lotus - and on best roads where you were slow if you drove 60 miles per hour. Talking about drives how could I forget the pleasure of long drives that I used to experience with paramesh or samarth while doing the I-90 loop. Ah the array of lights on the tunnel of the bridge with latest bollywood hit playing in the car. And then the tunnel opened to the panaromic view of seattle downtown with space needle standing tall and we would claim- what is so world famously impressive about it.
But a week of riding on mumbai autos and on mumbai roads(??) with intense rain and strong winds making sure that those rains reach you regardless of you using the plastic curtains at their side have made me completely forget the pleasure of riding on any four wheeler.

So today when coming back my auto was coughing more than the old autowallah himself- with him being hearing impaired to not listen to either the auto or to me. And the auto stopped 5 times - everytime him blaming the adulterated petrol and refusing to let me down in the hope that the auto will move forward. Finally I had to shout as loud as I would have shouted bachao bachao (as if the auto were on fire) to make him stop ( I might have just gotten down and ran away as the auto was that slow but the old man was too old to be swindled). And then i got down finally took a cab and when as soon as my butt landed on the taxi seat I realized the luxury I have been depriving myself. Wow.
I used to think that my maid's healthy cooking or the hectic college is leading to some weight loss, only to realize now that the best exercise for my butt had been - yes - ride on a mumbai auto.

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Sutta said...

You 'actually' shouted 'bachao bachao'?